From Our Fans!

"I just heard you on NPR today, and you folks are amazing. I bought your CD on Amazon a minute ago. I would love to attend one of your shows, so I will be checking out the calendar. Keep up the amazing music. Sings to my heart and soul." Lauren, USA​​​​​​​

"...Cahersiveen presents a delightful and uplifting program...We LOVE the talent and precision in your music. It is a wonderful combination of classical symphony and folk music...Cahersiveen City is a story in addition to the storied music that you all bring to life." Pete & Tina, USA

"What a marvelous CD!  If you enjoy Celtic music, this one will set your toes to tappin'!"   Deborah, USA 

"I've been listening to your CD over and over, especially Lark In The Morning.  It is just incredibly awesome.  Thanks!!!!!"   Sam, USA

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the CD of traditional Celtic music from Cahersiveen.  I was quite impressed with the performances as well as the production on the album.  I would like to buy a copy for a friend of mine, who I think would also enjoy it."    John, USA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful CD which arrived a couple of days ago.  It has been getting lots of 'airplay', and we really like it.  It is a great collection with superb renditions of some songs/tunes that we don't often hear.  One of my favorites is Roddy McCorley which I haven't heard for years, although Josie prefers the jigs and reels.  The band can be very proud of this CD which is a great addition to our music collection. Many thanks and best wishes."  Liam & Josie, UK

"The CD is delightful.  Well done! Hope this is only the first of many you produce.  Our warmest regards." Michael & Ann, Ireland

"I gave one of your CDs to one of my Irish American neighbors (both parents from Ireland).  They love it and spoke very highly of the woman's voice on the CD."    Al, USA

 "Made me dance around the kitchen!"  Martha, USA

"We saw (the Band) last night at the Delta King, and you were wonderful! Thank you for such wonderful music.  We were hotel guests, and it was such a wonderful bonus to have gotten to hear your group."  Robin, USA